Orlando Head HunterWhy engage G+W Ellis?

G+W Ellis offers staffing and recruiting services in a variety of different industries on a contingency basis. Communication is a key factor in understanding exactly the candidate that you are looking for. While keeping your standards high in regards to requirements for a job requisition, we supply multiple qualified candidates and you decide who is the best fit. A relationship with our firm provides:

  • Optimize your time. Engaging with our firm will significantly increase production with your existing staff. Let your people focus on what they do best, and leave the recruiting to us.
  • Specific industry knowledge. Our team of recruiters has either worked in your industry, or has already successfully helped professionals transition within your industry. This first hand knowledge helps to reduce the amount of time in sourcing potential candidates and presenting viable candidates to your organization.
  • Securing highly sought after talent. Our team of recruiters that are specifically assigned to your particular industry have the expertise required to identify, recruit and attract top talent nationwide. Leverage our team, resources and network to your advantage.
  • Reduce attrition. Prudent hiring decisions will only mean a longer retention rate among your staff. Properly vetted candidates on our behalf will ensure longer tenure and a proper fit based on your organization’s culture.