How to Sell Your Self and Your Skills without Bragging

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If you are like so many of my clients, then one of the toughest challenges you face when interviewing with potential employers is how to convey your skills and strengths without that creepy feeling that you are bragging on yourself.

Communicating your strengths of course is an absolute must for any interview. So what’s the secret? Here are 3 tips to help you make a dazzling impression without feeling like a braggart:

Tip One – Become a storyteller
Giving examples of your strengths is the most powerful method for communicating your skills. Additionally it also helps your listener envision YOU working for THEM.
Here is an example: One of my greatest strengths is pioneering long term strategic growth plans. As an example, in my previous position our company was struggling to achieve a global presence. I did A, B and C and within 24 months we had achieved our marketing goals and increased our revenue by $33 million.

Tip Two – Share ALL your relevant skills
It’s normal to downplay the brilliance of all you do – when it comes to unearthing and communicating all your relevant skills. Let’s say for instance you have a keen ability resolving internal company disputes. You can turn this into a powerful testimonial by simply thinking back to the last time you used this skill. What was the problem? What happened? Did you encourage someone not to quit, mentor someone to a higher quality of work or resolve an inner office dispute that was affecting workplace morale? Put in story form you will help your listener

Tip Three – Use a template to communicate clearly every time
Here’s and easy to use template for communicating your skills. Simply identify the following: the problem or challenge, what you did, and finally, what the result was. When you share your results try to quantify with $ or % if you can.

Using these three powerful tips you can confidently communicate your strengths in your job interviews in a compelling and meaningful way.

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